The Play and More Cultural Lessons Part 2

Okay, I forgot a very important story from yesterday. After Charles, Jennifer, and I were done eating dinner Charles left the table and it was just Jennifer and I nibbling at the last bit of food on our plates. She had told me many times that it was not customary in Africa to waste food, ever. I had learned that lesson from my parents in America, but not quite in the way she was referring to. This particular time, she told me that people in Africa don’t waste bones either. I thought, oh maybe it’s customary to save the bones and melt them down or reuse them in some other way than eating. Well, my ideas were quite naive because she said it was customary to eat the bones, right after you were done eating the meat. I thought it sounded a bit crazy, but hey I’m on a new adventure in a new culture. So, I put the bones in my mouth and bit down. They were surprisingly easy to break apart. She said that there were different kind of bones. There was the cartilage that you could chew and swallow easily. Then there were the tiny bones that you could chew up to get the marrow and maybe swallow if they were ground up enough. Lastly, there were the bigger bones that you had to be careful when chewing and they are not meant to swallow. After I figured out how to chew the bigger ones without breaking my teeth, I got them into smaller pieces and sucked on them. I suddenly got an amazing chicken flavor, as if I had just bitten into the flesh. I can safely say that I will never eat chicken the same again. I used to call my mom crazy for eating every little scrap of meat of the bones, but now I am going to show her what she’s been missing when I get home.

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