My room

My room


2 thoughts on “My room

  1. I didn’t take your warning and read the graphic part (of course). I think that I am going to throw up but fascinated all at the same time. What an experience. Hyponatremia is a salt deficit while hypernatremia is too much salt. Couldn’t resist the opportunity to educate. Love you and continue to be safe.

  2. You need to redecorate… Fix that ugly red streamer so it looks a little better and put a box or something by your bed so you can use it as a nightstand. Don’t they make some kind of cute rugs in one of the villages you can buy cheap so you can put it on the ground? Your bed looks comfy, but won’t you get chalk in it? You should move it so it is perpendicular from the position it is in now… Other than that, this could probably be the worst composition of any picture I’ve ever seen. Love you!

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