Antoa JHS Pretest and Grading by Candle Light

It’s Friday and the plans for the day are to administer the JHS pretests and then head to Kentinkrono. Spencer and I are leaving on a mini vacation tomorrow. I can’t think about the weekend yet, I need to make sure everything runs smoothly with the Antoa program first.


I’m going to just sum this day up into a short description. Not because it wasn’t important, but simply to catch up the blog stories a little faster. I met with the Academic Head in the morning and made sure he knew to let the tutors out early. Only 47 of the 70 JHS students showed up for the test. Tio told me that was because some of them didn’t get permission from their parents to stay after school. I split the studetns in half and separated them into two rooms. Only six of the tutors showed up, so I split them in half and told them to walk around and monitor the JHS students to make sure they weren’t cheating. Everything ran smoothly and I had many tests to grade over the relaxing weekend.


Later that night I got to Kentinkrono and started to grade the tests. The power went out because of the storm and I was determined to continue grading. I got a candle from Regina and continued by candlelight. It felt very strange. It would have been fitting to be grading the papers with a quill and monocle. The night ended early to get a head start on the journey in the morning.


One thought on “Antoa JHS Pretest and Grading by Candle Light

  1. Wow, you are really going to be spoiled when you come back to the US! At least you are still wearing shoes and haven’t become a total bushman yet. But you still aren’t even half done with your contract yet, so we will see….

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