Fetching Water on My Own and A Second Try with Wonoo

For some reason this morning I have more problems waking up, thinking it’s time to start the day. Then, as if I was not meant to sleep, Fad’s baby starts fusing in her room at 03:30. Since the windows in the rooms of the compound are just several separate pieces of glass, there is no noise reductions. The baby doesn’t stop until about 04:15 and at that point there is no use trying to sleep for 15 minutes. I just lie in bed an relax before my alarm goes off. I finally get up and go through my normal morning routines. At 05:00 it starts to get lighter outside and I decide to fetch water on my own. After all, we were almost out and I need the practice. I want to be able to carry the big black bucket like Fad soon. That will really impress her. This time, I use the bucket that is slightly larger than the dinky one I used when I went the other night with Fad. On the way to the watering hole, as Nala and I told Zazu, we broke out into song with all the animals about me being the next king. Sorry I typed watering hole and now my head is off in the Lion King. I think the only one’s who got that are those with small children or those who, like me, still rewatch Disney movies as an adult. Back to the watering hole… There are faucets at the ground level and some about 8 feet tall to add the last bit of water as the bucket is on the person’s head. Since I can lift my bucket when full, I just fill it up the whole way while it’s on the ground. I sue both hands to lift the bucket onto the ledge at about my eye level. Then I take and extra shirt I brought and wrap it in a loose coil, like how a snake would sit. Then as I ick up the bucket I have to keep my head flat so the shirt pad doesn’t fall. I put my left hand on the bottom of the bucket and my right on the top rim. I should put both hands on the bottom, but I wouldn’t have a good grip and it could slip and hurt someone, mostly just me. As I lift the heavy bucket I realize that my arms might not be long enough to hold anything but the bottom. I look around and people are waiting to use the spigot right in front of where I’m standing. Half-panicked for making them wait I try to hoist it up again. This time I stretch my arms to their maximum reach and try to retract my next as much as possible. The bucket just clears my head and I get it up onto the pad. Slightly worried about the bigger bucket, I concentrate wholly on my next few steps. After I get down the dirt path I’m not worried at all about having to be rescued by a small girl again, like the first time I fetched the water with Charles. I make my way over to the uneven and debri filled road and even pass both gutters. As I’m nearing the compound, one of the ladies next door runs over to me, looking very concerned, with her hands out to take the bucket. I thank her and tell her I’m fine. I go back and fetch one more bucket full before stopping. I still have to travel to WOnoo today, so I don’t want to be too tired.

 On my way to Wonoo I greet the usual people, but just as I get to the last group I turn around and signal the approaching Tro Tro. Expecting to only go to Krobo they prove me wrong and say they’re going al the way to Wonoo. I gladly jump in and start to plan what I’m going to do with the extra time. Hopefully today’s experiences will be better than yesterday’s. As I do mental checks on my body I realized it was a mistake not to bring toilet paper with me. Ah well, the notebook paper worked once, so I’m sure it will save me if I need it again today. I get the snacks and water and get some fried yams and peppay, as they call it, and head to the JHS. The ladies at the yam place were also frying up something that I didn’t recognize. They told me it is plantain and they would give me some to try.

 When I get to the JHS, I greet all the masters like usual and sit outside in the breeze to enjoy the yam snack. I save the new treat for last. It has a crispy outside like a miniature chicken nugget. The inside is sweet, but not as sweet as a banana. The combination of the crispy outside and soft melty inside will make this treat a usual from now on. The new tutor, Joseph, shows up very early and I get some time to pick his brain. The other two tutors show up 20 minutes early and I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I don’t have to deal with Logical’s rebellious late showings. We go over to the primary and tutor for a little over an hour. At the end I meet with the tutors and explain the new game plan. From now on we will be teaching the basics followed with a small quiz at the end of each topic to see if the students have mastered the information. Only when they pass the quiz will they be allowed to move on to more intricate material. I also tell Joseph and the rest one point of strength and weakness they should recognize and repeat or improve for next time. Joseph is a bit timid, bit I’m confident he will make great improvements as the weeks go on.

 ON my way back I catch the same Indiana Jones Tro Tro. I’m a bit inured to his driving, so Ithis time it doesn’t feel like a Disney Land ride. I get out again with no charge for the ride. I guess they’re just happy we’re alive and that’s all the payment they need. I get back home to a nice quite and relatively uneventful night. 

One thought on “Fetching Water on My Own and A Second Try with Wonoo

  1. I am impressed with your water-carrying skills. It sounds like you are learning all kinds of things. I’ll save some heavy things for you to move when you get home.

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