A Slow Day Fetching More Water

This morning I wake up before my alarm again, but only by 5 minutes, so I just relax and wakuop slowly. I can’t help but feel very grateful for not being more sick than that one incident a few days ago. I hurry through my morning routine as I take out my kindle to continue reading this book I’ve started called “The Watchers.” I have to admit that I’m a bit addicted to the book. The chapters are short, it switches characters so fluidly, and it has some great cliffhangers. I started yesterday and I’m alrady 13% of the way through the book. Now, the sun is starting to illuminate the ground, so I take off to fetch water. I half consider just staying to continue reading as I check the water levels in our big tubs. We are almost completely out and I need to do wash, so I push against my strong tendency to skip it all together. I complete 2 trips and still feel good, so I try for more. The third trip is getting a little harder and I’m starting to spill more water. Determined, I set out for a fourth trip to try to double my trips from yesterday. As I fill up the water, a young woman offers to help hoist it onto my head. We nick the pad and everthing feels lopsided on my head. She gestures tfor me to ligt the bucket so she can fix the cushion on my head. Using mostly shoulder muscles and maybe some toe muscles as I clench my feet, thinking that will some how help as she adjusts the pad. Trying not to look like I’m straining too much as she’s fixing the cushion, I tell her it’s fine and rest the bucket back down. It feel sa little better, but it’s not comfortable. Not knowing any better I tell her that it’s all better and start to walk abway. She calls me back over and tells me to take the bucket off my head. She rips the cushion from me, muttering Twi under her breath. She folds the shirt in a much looser way than I had and puts it back on my head. We hoist the water back up. It feels 100% more comfortable. She also adjusted it to more of the middle front part of the top of my head. I had it resting back too far apparently. It feels so comfortable that the first few steps feel like this is still my first trip of the day. I might even consider this as a new fasion statement back in the US. By the time I get back to the compound gate I’m panting and spilling water everywhere. Okay, maybe it isn’t that comfortable. Or atleast I’m still just a big whimp. Now soaked, I pour the final bucket into the tub. I did it! Now I’m going to try for 8 trips tomorrow to continue with the trend. Only joking, I might go for 5 or 6 if I feel strong after the 4.

 I don’t really have much to do today, so I make sure to catch up on emails and work stuff. Fad made me some Koko this morning so I didn’t go out and visit my usual seller. That also means that I didn’t get any Kosi, so I’m going to be hungrier sooner. At about 11:00 I feel the hunger and leave for town to find some lunch. The usual rice ladies are there, but I want something more filling like yams or plantain with stew. It’s extremely hot today and it’s making me feel a little bit desperate to find the food and get back quickly before my skin burns off. There are no other sellers around and it confuses me. One big thing I’ve noticed here is that you really can’t count on just a few food sellers to be there for you. I need to find back up plans for back up plans when they just decide to sleep instead of sell their food. I give up and go to one of the new rice ladies that is selling the local rice, eggs, and stew. The food tastes pretty good, but it’s nothing exceptional. The food here has been a really interesting experience. Often times when I’m done eating a meal like this particular one, I still don’t feel satisfied. I’m plenty full, but it’s not the same as eating food back home. I don’t think these people have the same connection with their food that I did back home. It seems like they just treat it more as something that they have to do to keep their body going and there’s nothing more to it. I don’t think it helps that there are only a few different types of food to choose from either.

 The power goes out, so I can’t get my haircut as planned, so I hid from the heat in my room and catch up on blog stuff and get some more reading done. As I get up and down off the chair in my room I notice that my back is really starting to hurt. I think I didn’t have the best posture when I fetched the water this morning. I’ll have to really think about what I did so I can improve and continue to make more trips and eventually use the bigger bucket.

 Fad makes me some yams, stew, and little bits of fish for dinner. The power comes back on and I take the advantage to get on the Internet and post some of the stuff I’ve been catching up with. I also go back to reading once I’m done there. Today I made it to the 50% mark on the book. It’s just too good to stop or go any slower.

 I take it pretty easy for the rest of the day and don’t do too much more. Tomorrow I am traveling to Kumasi to get my Malaria medication from the post office and traveling to Kentinkrono after. I will need plenty of rest and healing time for my back if I want to enjoy that adventure. 


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