Krobo Pretests, Tutors in Action, A Hot Walk Home

I’m a little behind so I’ll start where I left off, two weeks ago. Starting with Monday the 22nd, the week has been a big one. Monday, I kicked off the Krobo program. Four of my tutors live close by and are out of school and one is still in Highschool. I grabbed Charles, the scholarship winner from my Antoa program and Patrick, the winner from my Wonoo program. The remaining three tutors have been carefully selected and should be just as good as my two previous winners. Even though I’m getting less time with the Krobo students I have confidence we wil make up for that time with the quality of the tutors. By less time I mean we worked with Antoa and Wonoo last term, but not with Krobo. Charles, being the only one coming fom school, was also the only one on time. It’s very difficult to enforce a strict time frame with a culture that is very relaxed with their time. I’ve explained to hthem they need to beon time to give the students the maximum time and if they’re no, they only get 2 of the 5 Cedis for the day. The other tutors weren’t very late, and still were able to help pass out tests and help me proctor the exam. Just like my programs last term I need to test the JHS student’s skills to see where to start and to put them into groups of similar ability. After the test I met with the tutors and talked with them about what the next few weeks will look like. On the way home Patrick, Chalres, Obed, Kwame, and I walked to save the time and money of taking a car.

 On the walk home I asked Charles about him getting the pass. Last term the Academic Head Master was not good about getting the passes very quickly and not one of the tutors showed up to my first session. Charles told me that he was very busy and wrote it for him at the last minute. He went on to add that he stood there and explained to him exactly when he needs to be out of school. He said that the Academic Head Master is some how scared of me because I’m a white man. I’m not even sure what that means. Is he scared because he wants to impress me or because he thinks I will do something negative to his image?

 Before we get to Adesina, the next town between Krobo and Antoa, someone pulled up and offered to give us a ride. Charles yells “It’s SK the information center guy”. After I think for a second I put two and two together and realize this is the man who came over the speaker every morning and even yelled and sang to the town some mornings. He’s also one of the pastors at the SDA church I attended during vacation. When the choir would be singing he would join in, but he would sing through a microphone, so he drowned out any sound of harmony. Suddenly it all makes sense… Anyway, it’s nice of him to offer a ride and I’m grateful to get out of the scorching sun. It’s the dry season or as the locals call it “Harmattan”. With their accents it sounds like they’re saying it’s “Hammer time”. Needless to say, it didn’t take me long to memorize that phrase. On the walk before the car came, I made a comment to the tutors that I felt like my skin was literally burning off. They laughed and took it as a joke, but I was being mostly serious. The sun here is a whole other beast. It’s a good thing my mom brought SPF 50 sunscreen when she visited. The rest of the trip home was very quick, especially since I didn’t greet my people on the road into town. At home, I printed the tests and got ready for the Wonoo program tomorrow.


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