Wonoo Pretest

On Tuesday, I leave very early for Wonoo to give myself plenty of time to speak with one of the tutors I couldn’t get a hold of and buy all the snacks for class. The first shop I buy everything and ask for the tutor, Joseph. I couldn’t get a hold of him over the phone and after calling the Headmaster over the past week, he couldn’t seem to find him either. The shop owner points me over to the Kentay workshop. From there one of the men leads me to Joseph’s house only to be told that he just left to fetch water. The man continues to lead me to find Joseph. I see Joseph and talk to him about the program as we walk back to his house. From there I met his family and leave them expecting to see him back for the term. Joseph is normally really good with being on time and doing what he’s promises, so I’m confident he’ll be there today.


I give out the test to the students and everything goes very well. There are the usual attempts to cheat, but the tutors and I roam around and stop the students before any damage is done. Plus the second line of defense is when I’m grading, I can usually tell when someone just came up with the answer out of nowhere.


Back home I grade some papers and fetch some water. The rest of the night was routine and I went to bed at my normal time.

Stop Thinking and Write It Down!

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