Sunday Meetings and Some Jack Fruit

I’ll pick this story up from last Sunday, January 26th, and take it through part of the week. On Saturday I spent the night in Kentinkrono in order to help out with some training on Sunday morning. It’s morning time and I wake up early to walk around town, greet people, and get some koko and kosi. I get to the roadside, only to find the woman not here. Instead of going back home I decide to leave and find the new Expo house down the road. After getting spun around a bit and somewhat lost, I find my way to the town called Oduom. I roam about and explore the neighborhood, but since it’s Sunday, most of the people out are those going to church. After exploring a bit, I decide not to call the expo women because I’m a bit earlier than expected. All the market ladies are closed, so I head to the main road to find some of that koko and kosi I’ve been drooling over for the past few hours. I buy the food and as I’m walking back up into town, I see Tasia and Summer. They are also coming down to get food, so I wait for them before we all head back up to the house. As we walk through the neighborhood, further back than I was willing to venture, I realize that we’re mostly passing big houses surrounded by high walls and big gates. I think this is one of the upper scale neighborhoods. Even with that said, the roads are still in bad condition and certainly not paved. Our house is a guest house, attached to a much bigger… mansion. The gate and walls are topped off with barbed wire and electric wiring. The guest house is small, but has it’s own shower and bathroom, all with running water. The bigger house has eight bedrooms, all with full baths. I’d say they’re living comfortably. Maybe someday Expo will be able to rent the whole thing, when we get more employees.

 I listened to the training and threw in a few tid bits here and there, but Spencer had it all covered. He finished the training with the newbies and from there I head back to Antoa because Sunday is a big day for me. I get Twi lessons, visit people normally busy during the week, and get some extra relaxation. Honestly, I also just miss the town. I really enjoy my time in Antoa and unless I am traveling for work or some visa procedures, I’d rather be with the town people. Since I got back later in the afternoon today, I just head to Bush’s house to get some Twi lessons and visit his family.

 When I first get there, Bush is off somewhere, so I sit and talk with his brother, Eric. Charity, Bush’s sister, comes in and gives me a jack fruit. I’m not sure if I’m talked about this fruit before, but this is now the third time I’ve eaten it. The first, Bush’s brother brought him one and he said to himself that he must save it to try it with me. I though they were pulling a prank when they first pulled it out and told me it’s a fruit. It’s about the size of a watermelon and has a spikey texture, like the skin of a crocodile. Bush took it in his hands and pressed down with his fingers as he just tore it into two big fleshy pieces. Inside, it is bright orange with a bunch of fruity meat that really looks like the guts of some animal, but with a strangely sweet aroma. They told me to pick out these little pods of fruit, wrapped around a big seed. Apparently the rest of the stringy inside isn’t for humans to eat. I guess it’s used to feed to farm animals. I picked out the pod of fruit and squeeze a seed the size of an olive out. I Its very slimy and feels like it will drip on the ground so I just put the whole thing in my mouth at once…. Bad idea. It’s very sweat, but the texture is very slimy and frankly overwhelming. It’s very hard to chew and that is making it hard to breath. Everyone in the room is looking at me to see my reaction, all while I’m trying not to choke on the slimy mass half sliding down my throat. I finally just give up and swallow it all whole. Then my second jack fruit experience I was much more prepared to eat the fruit. I was much better at getting the seed out and I bit the fruit in half, so I could chew and breathe properly. There was some left over that time and I brought it to Grace and Andrews for them to try. The lady next to Andrews peaked over and I invited her to join us. With a frightened look on her face, she told me she only eats what looks like fufu. However, Andrews really like the fruit and kept the seeds to dry.

 Okay, back to today. We were all eating the fruit for awhile and weren’t even half way through, so Bush’s brother ripped it in half and told me to take part home. After I stayed there a bit longer I left for home to get on a conference call for work. The call was short and sweat and good thing, because the power is out and my laptop batter is low. After, I call Charles and invite him over. Once he is over I pull out the fruit and his look is priceless. He’s eager to try the new fruit and really loves it once he does. I call Fad over to try some and after a little convincing she tries some as well. She liked it so much she even came back a few times to get more pieces. I expected her not even to try it, but she was very brave with the new food. Even after we split it in half at Bush’s and continued to eat with Charles and Fad, we still didn’t finish the whole thing. I decide to save some for tomorrow. After Charles left the power came back on and my fan worked enough to dry my sweat as I fell fast asleep.

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