My Weekend Update

Okay, so I’m not fully going to fulfill my promise here and I’ll quickly tell you why.

Pencils of Promise (PoP) hired a film crew to come to Laos and shoot a video for our Gala and for our fundraising purposes. I met them in the office, but wasn’t involved with the project. On Friday night, I was walking around town and ran into the crew. I showed them where a few things were and we got dinner together. They invited me to come to the shoot with them on Saturday. They were mostly just scouting that day. Then, on Saturday they asked me to be apart of the crew team and come on Sunday. Today (or yesterday for me now), I went with them and became the light man. I talked with my boss and now I’ll be with them the rest of the time all the way through Wednesday. That means we get up at about 4:30 and leave Luang Prabang at 5 to get to our destination. We don’t get home until about 8 (20:00). I’ll catch up on the stories when I’m not crazily running around. Here are some pictures….

Using a reflctor to get good light on the actor's faces
Using a reflctor to get good light on the actor’s faces

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