Pictures from PoP Trip to Udomsai

Everyone in the office took a trip to Udomsai to see our fearless leader, Lanoy, play in the basketball competition. The whole event is something similar to the olympics, but of just Laos. Every province has a team and they compete in all kinds of sports. We saw one game of the soccer before our eyes starting melting out of our heads from bordem. We saw a few games of volley ball, which was interesting to see some of the tallest people in Laos come out for the team. I think there were a few that got up to 6’2″. I heard that when we were watching the volleyball there were some track and field games at the stadium. Then, we saw mens, followed by womens basketball. The first mens team was embarrassing. With my expert eye, I’d say there were at about a high school JV level. The women were much better and much more fun to watch when we knew the team captain so well. The mens game after Lanoy’s was much more like a good varsity high school.


Some of the people here in the stands (mostly those around me) are the PoP peeps. I’m pretty sure everyone here though is rooting for Luang Prabang.



Here I am talking to Lanoy after the game telling her what a great job she did.


It was also her birthday, so we surprised her with a cake and a song in the stands after she won.



Here’s another picture of us cheering. I was whistling as loud as I could every time Luang Praband scored a basket. It was fun because normally I’m drowned out by all the other whistles, but I think I was the only one who knew how in this stadium.


Here’s Panh and I. I like to say he’s the like Fonz of the office. He’s really fun to hang out with and it didn’t surprise me when he handed me a heinakin for the game.



Here’s our crew all eating and enjoying each others company before the long 7 hour drive back. This is a pretty typical set up with small glasses of beer in front of everyone. The closest yellow thing to the bottom is a bucket of ice. The metal tongs are to get the ice into your beer glass. The yellow thing in the middle holds toilet paper, which is just calle tissue here, because that’s how it’s used.


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