A Week In the Field

I spent most of this past week going into the field with our WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) team. I’ve been working with them the closest since I got here and now all this hard work from everyone is finally coming to fruition. Our goal since I got here has been to get their program officially approved by the government and to get them back in the field where they belong.

Here’s a picture of Antou, one of the WASH team members, as she’s giving the first presentation about our program. The audience are the local govt reps, head teachers, and village chiefs.

  The guy at the top is Jua, he’s the program deputy manager. In actual English that means he’s basically a trainee for the program manager position. My position is supposed to support him and Andrea, the programs manager.

  This is Siphai, the senior WASH team member. Him and I work close together and probably want to kill each other at the end of some weeks, but I think in the end that has brought us closer together.

The guy standing in the back is Sainglee. He’s another of the WASH team members.

  This is the last trip I went on. That’s the Tongdee, the last WASH technician I haven’t mentioned yet.  

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