More (Breakfast?) Food

Here’s another really common thing I eat for breakfast. Yes, I said for breakfast. They don’t really have cereal or porridge or omlets here, so I’ve got to either adapt or spend a fortune.

The green thing in the middle bowl is  a spicy dip made from eggplant and other scrumptious vegetables. There are some pieces of grilled pork on the right side. Some sticky rice in the bag in the back middle. I also included the sticky rice basket, on the left, which is the proper container for the sticky rice. Most Lao people would throw up if they saw me eating my food out of bags like that. Well, I don’t see the point of impressing anyone if I’m just eating alone.

The sticky rice basket normally has another half to it just like the one in the picture that fits over top. They really do keep the rice fresh by keeping it moist and warm. Whenever I grab a container from the kitchen my colleagues will ask me if the ‘rice is hard’ because that’s the first sign it dried out too much to eat. Anything short of that can be steamed again if not very fresh. 


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