My Commute to Work Last Week

This past week we drove for about three hours by motorbike to a small town. From there, we drove another hour or so to the remote villages where we would be working.

 All of northern Laos is beautiful, but it’s striking when we get out to the villages. I think going very fast on a small two wheeled vehicle, on the side of a cliff, over a pot hole ridden road, and my butt feeling like it wants nothing to do with me were also some reasons I was paying a bit more attention then normal.

When I stopped whining, I started to really appreciate the beauty around me. Even when I would space out it was about loving thoughts of my friends and family I miss so much. There’s something about this way of traveling that is more beautiful then I could have imagined.

We eventually stopped to rest and I took a few pictures to try and catch a fraction of the beautiful depth of view, colors, and life that surrounded me.


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