Capture the Moment

Lately I’ve been focusing on all kinds of preparations for my China trip. I’m still doing the same language preparation, with a big focus on reading. I want to be ready to navigate and document the adventure.  I’ve always had an interest in photography, but never pursued it for every reason but a good one. I think that’s what I’ve really been missing with my blog and as an expression in my life. I’ve been looking around for instruction on the Internet. I read through some basic things and then stopped abruptly. My interest in photography wasn’t to learn about it, but was to just do it. So, that’s what I did.

I really like what one of my close friend in college told me about learning music. Every time we played together, I said I was envious about his years of training. Then, one day he was tired of hearing me say that and told me he thought my level of training was ideal for creativity. He told me that he could easily play up and down scales, but was it was very difficult to break his brain from the rigid confines of his training. It made music more into math, than into an art.

I’ve really taken that approach to heart with all new forms of art I’ve explored in my life. That’s how I learned the harmonica and when I pick it back up will continue that way. I think if I’m passionate about it, then I’ll find a way to learn and maybe even find something new. I don’t feel like I’m ‘reinventing the wheel’ either. Art is so personal and at its core, I think, is just a way to express that which we can’t in words. . I’m not performing, I’m just having fun and expressing myself.

With that said here’s a performance of what I’ve been goofing with.                   


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