Start of My Vacation

It’s nearing 7 AM, so I’m sitting in my hotel lobby in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, waiting for food places to open. After I eat I’ll take a bus out to the meditation place. They already know I’m coming, so the only challenge will be actually finding the place with out taking too many different buses, shooting up the cost of the route.

I’m excited to try their new technique and to get away from everything for a bit. Full updates in a week!

Anyway, here’s some more photos I’ve been taking.

I already posted this one, but I think it looks more interesting after a little bit of editing.

From the plane window on my way to Vientiane.

Most days on my way to work I take a shortcut through the market. With the old ladies preparing their vegetable stands, young women their clothes stands, the wafting of something awfully sour from the day before, and motorcycles zipping through the narrow paths, uninterested in the padestrians in their way, it’s quite a way to wake up the brain.


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