Meditation Center Arrival

After asking a few people, getting directions from a monk, and a long dirt road I make it to a walled compound. There’s actually no door, so I’m not sure exactly what the walls do. I enter and find the reception people, who then take me over to the room Where I’ll be sleeping. It’s just a basic Lao village hut with basic thin bamboo walls and floor and a thin metal sheet for the roof. Sounds perfect to me. I even have my own bathroom, so it’s quite fancy. However they’re still cleaning, so They take me over to the meditation hall, where everyone is already practicing. 

I’m Introduced to young guy named sack. He’s my age and speaks English. 

After trying my best to follow along, we break for lunch. There’s another session between lunch and dinner. We start with some basic chanting and then go to sitting meditation. Then we start to rotate our bodies in a circle. Some people move their shoulders around and others their hips. Some even move both really fast and frankly it looks a bit rediculous.

Then we go through a five part sequence where we lift one arm at a time off of our knee and bring it to our chest in prayer position. Then move it up and down to our head and then it all in reverse.

Next we do walking meditation around the sala. We put both hands on our lower stomach and walk in a line. Then back to meditation and final chanting before dinner.

Each session is about 2 to 3 hours and we have four a day, around the three meals. That means about 8 or 9 hours of meditation a day!

The night session went really long and I couldn’t help but think I want out of here. People were spinning out of control and the talk went too long. 

Also my ears being clogged doesn’t help at all! It’s been hard to communicate with people, especially when they all want to talk to me because I’m the only foreigner.

At 9 I literally fall into bed and pass out.

Stop Thinking and Write It Down!

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