Getting Into the Rhythm

I’m starting to feel better about staying here after the morning meditation and chant session. I especially like how we get some exercise in as a group. It’s not vigorous, but it’s enough. During the break after breakfast, I sit with my neighbor, who’s some 65 year old retired guy, and we drink some coffee and tea. He’s really nice and I can tell he’s had quite an exciting life. He’s reserved and when he talks he gets to the point quickly. I think I mostly enjoy sitting with him because we don’t have to be talking the whole time, we can just sit there and enjoy the sounds around us.  At lunch, Sack introduces me to some of his college friends. I’ve also been meeting some other people at meal times when I sit at random tables. I definitely feel like a celebrity. I’m the only person here who’s not Lao and yet I speak enough Lao to have conversations with any of them. Sack tells me about the cook teaching English class and I just laugh, imagining that can’t be too good. I picture some fat greesy guy who can’t actually speak a word of English.  Through talking to some people I learn that the woman who started this place is apparently just like the Buddha. Also, the young woman, from the temple in Thailand, who told me about this place also mentioned that she talked with a woman here who she swore was either psychic or had some other crazy powers. Meeting her sounds like a cool adventure. However, I soon find out I have to be here for a couple of months before they’ll let me meet her. I guess I’m not that special. Nothing else really special happens the rest of the day as I’m just trying to get into the rhythm of this place.     Here’s a picture of the room they gave me.

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