Pictures Stealing My Spotlight

The saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” is clearly a relative statement. In my case, it would take more like 10,000 words to produce the same worth. So, to spare you from reading a novel, I’ll use pictures to tell the story of my trip through Europe.

I have to admit, it’s impossible for me to keep my opinion to myself, so I’ll have to add a few words along the way.

Wait a second, before I start Europe I have a few last things I gotta get in about Bangkok.   

This mall was all around not very special until I looked up. The bathroom sign made me laugh and then wonder some. The sign for the ladies room looks normal, but the man looks like he’s doing something grotesque. Probably quite accurate.
Ronald is very culturally sensitive.
And a flirt?
The bathroom sign is very cute and probably what everyone is doing who’s looking for it.

Then with the picture just to the right, I don’t understand why that guy is running away from grass blowing in the wind… Must be a Thai thing.

Next up is Brussels, Belgium!

Stop Thinking and Write It Down!

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