Paris, France

From Brussels, we take the train to Paris, France. We spend 3 days exploring the city.

We’re now in the Paris Nord (North) train station. This sign sums up my journey up quite well between the French, English, and Chinese welcome.

We tour the Luve and I think these two woman sum up the whole experience quite well. It’s beautiful and a must-visit, but prepare for a whirlwind of sights, stories, and crowds. 

Drinking wine, eating cheese, butter, and bread on the side of a Paris street is an amazing experience. The food is great and the people watching is unforgettable.

We go to some famous artists gardens. No idea what his name was, just some French dude who painted nature. I’m excited to go explore his expression through the beauty of his garden.

I’m feeling like I’m connecting with the flowers, but haven’t quite found the picture I’m looking for.

Aaaha, I found it and captured it as best as I could. At first I was proud of this shot and then the more I thought of it I realized with the beautify of this garden, I probably could have tripped and accidentally taken a picture this beautiful. 

Okay okay, enough flowers, time for more coffee already. Capucino please, make the whip cream homemade.

Another famous persons garden, blah blah. I do find an interesting fun-house mirror though.

Dinner at a fancy French restaurant with… A toster on the table? Yup, they want us to have the freshest toast possibly to compliment our meals. Interesting idea.

Crispy duck Confit, one of the best meals the whole time. Black mushrooms and potatoes to compliment. So fried and crispy and so tender and succulent. I won’t forget this one for quite awhile. 

This is the roof of one of those crazy Paris art museums. It looks more like a painting or drawing than something real. Everyone’s looking at the Mona Lisa and I can’t take my eyes off of the ceiling. I’m good at this whole art thing, aren’t I?

One last French Breakfast in Paris before we head to the country side. French toast, baguette, yogurt and fruit, OJ, and coffee. I’m in morning heaven. 


One thought on “Paris, France

  1. The famous artist was Moet and the Gardens were Giverny of course. I want the money back that I invested in your college education!!!

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