Brussels, Belgium

Here’s some things I thought were picture worthy during my trip to Brussels, Belgium. 

I heard that Belgium waffles weren’t a legitimate thing. To be fair these are probably somewhere between a waffle and a piece of cake. Either way, they’re delicious.

I still have no idea what the hell these things are. Some strange Belgian sweets.

I heard the streets here invited you to just go another block to see what’s around that corner. I could’ve kept going around the corner for the whole trip. 

We’re not technically in Paris yet, but crossings and coffee couldn’t wait for us to get there. 

Apparently there’s a statue called Manakin Pis in Brussels. It’s a famous statue that was apparently passed to France and back. It’s normally a naked child peeing, but like this one, it’s dressed up on holidays. I guess it’s their big national joke. I don’t know, I don’t really get it.

We caved and actually bought a waffle. This one has Belgian chocolate and caramel. Mmmm

Buildings like this surround the main Square in Brussels. They’re mostly government buildings.

Today there is a beer festival that’s referred to as the Octoberfest of Belgium. They take it so seriously that each beer maker comes in, by horse and carriage, as part of a parade. 

I like beer and have respect for Belian beer, but this is a bit over the top. I’m ready to start drinking already!


On our break from the beer, I trail off from my mom midsentence and end up, nose pressed to the glass of this beautiful site. 

I don’t know if it was the beer or too many chocolate cherries, but that ceiling is really beautiful. After looking up for too long and losing my balance, I pull out my phone and pretend I’m just shfting to get a better shot. 

I’m trying to get a shot of the enchanting alley ways here and then get frustrated when this guy comes into my shot. Then I realize he’s actually perfect in my shot because he has the same exact reaction I have to each new alley I find. 

There’s a church in the late day light. I think the darkness of the church and the beauty of everything around it is quite symbolic of what I’m noticing so far in Europe. I’ll have a good rant about this later.

 Dessert after dinner is homemade ice cream and creme brûlée. A wonderful start to my food journey through this part of Europe.

On the walk home from dinner we walk by a castle tower that looked like it was quite a battle to keep here. The modern hotel is built enveloping the old traditional part of town.


One thought on “Brussels, Belgium

  1. Mannequin Pis is very funny. It is weird that he was knighted by the French, Louis 14th, I believe and they ask Belgium for him back every year. The French army has to salute this naked little guy. My friends in Brussels laugh until tears about this. So maybe I don’t get it either.

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