A Not-So-Small Town Called Reims

From the burgundy region we head to the Champaign region and specifically to a town called Reims. the pronunciation sounds something like Rance, with the guttural French r to start things off. We thought it would be similar in size to Beaune, but it turns out to be much larger and actually a thriving college town. College and champaign sounds like a big head ache for the students and everyone else who has to deal with them.

I have absolutely zero interest in seeing the churches here, but we go because my mom wants to see some. They’re definitely beautiful and this stain glass window proves to make the visit worth it.

Later that night I have a salmon dish with a wonderful creamy white sauce, all over some kind of small brown rice. I’m in heaven!

Then to try and get anywhere close to the salmon we top off the dinner with this peach custard thing.

One of my big goals was to try real French press coffee, which I think is just all of their coffee here. Whenever I would ask, people would just give me a blank stare and point me to a coffee shop. This particular breakfast was extra pleasing actually seeing the big coffee press and getting to do it myself.

As you’d expect, we go on a Chanpagne tour. The only problem is that the English ones were sold out, so we joined a French one. My mom can understand what they’re saying, but I know no French and would probably only think of Chinese words if I even tried.

Further along the tour I drift away from the group to take some pictures. I have no idea what this is and I’m not allowed to ask in English, so you’ll have to just keeping wondering with me.

Train rides in Europe are really awful. For some reason it felt a bit different from the train to Bangkok…

Now we’re done with France and headed to back to Belgium, to a small town called Brugges (yes, the one from the movie with Colin Farrell). 


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