A Small Town Called Beaune

Next on our trip through the French countryside is a small town called Beaune. It’s located in the Burgandy region, which produces fabulous light wines. This is the French home for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. 

So, naturally we take a wine tour and of course that takes us inside of a cave. The people here really take their wine seriously. I’m used to wine tasting in California where people ride a thin line between a tasting and a party. Here, many of the local French people will spit out the wine, they barely talk above a whisper, and I think I saw the crack of a smile once, or maybe that was just gas.

There are lots of really old dusty bottles down in these caves. All I’m thinking is “ooh yes old, but when do we drink it?”

  Then there are old ones that they look like they’re holding onto for a special occasion.


  Some of the wine is even held behind lock and key. I can’t tell if that’s more enchanting or creepy. Either way I’m more than ready to taste now, so I’m quickly leaving the dungeon.
Finally, we get to the tasting room. They have candles on the tables to use to get a good look at the color of the wine. I think the depth of color has to do something with the age, but I can’t see mine because it’s already in my stomach.


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