Brugges, Belgium

We get into Brugges late and head out for dinner. Our hotel suggests a “local” feeling place. I know nothing about the authenticity of this place, but it certainly feels local. The searing is cramped and it feels more like we’re inside someone’s house rather than a restaurant.

I order their famous beer and it comes out on its own table and special metal holder. The guy goes through his sacred beer routine popping the cork and poring my glass. I’m not sure if it’s the 13% alcohol in the beer, but there’s a nice feeling I get from Belgium that I didn’t get in France. France feels more fancy, where as Belgium feels more like home.

I tell my mom I want to get up at sunrise to walk around town and to my surprise, she is excited to join.

It seems that there are bikes perched all over the city.

There are small canals that run through the city and many rustic little bridges to go with them.

There’s something about the old town feel here that is different from those in the French countryside. It seems more just a part of life, opposed to a tourist spect oval in France, but that’s just my biased opinion.

Is the sign saying no bikes on the road, or maybe they can’t cross each other, I think it’s that they can’t go left and then turn around and go right.

Okay this part seems like an added tourist scheme. They have swans all around the canals. They’re beautiful, at a distance, until I get closer to hear their gross spit hocking sounds and see that they’re the size of a dog. 

Their doors a just a bit over-the-top here. I think this one leads to a toilet. 

A cute way to tell people to slow down… Or that they should fasten their luggage tightly. Okay, it’s definitely about keeping your eyes on the road. I think it will lead to more distraction than anything. I was just walking and still almost ended up in the canal as puppy-swan food. 

This seems like a good view to shoot for in a personal office space. 

To escape the crowds, we go to a local brewery through this door that is just barely wider than my shoulders. There’s a bustling crowd on the street and then no one inside this alley way. I guess they didn’t think to try to squeeze in sideways.

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