Pictures From Down On The Farm



Here are all the foreigners in our straw house on the farm. Some local university students came to visit the farm and joined us for a long conversation of sharing our cultures.


One morning we were tasked to clean their kitchen after they ripped out all the cabinets. It’s so interesting to see the Chinese perspective on what is okay to be dirty. Many of the people working in the fields wear nice clothes, some even wear sport coats. The kitchen, however, is a place that isn’t very high on the cleaning priority. There were all kinds of species of bugs and several coating of grease everywhere. I was quite glad to get done with that job.


Here we’re bagging peanuts.


Okay… I’m mostly watching the bagging process. It’s important to have moral support.


My last afternoon of work we collected grapes in many of their mini fields around the farm.


Walking back after a tough few hours of test tasting grapes.


We’re all walking as a group to go eat in the farm canteen.


The next day the university students visited, we visited them at their school and they took us out to a popular meal in China called hot pot. This one is specifically called the Sichuan Hot Pot and is known to be very spicy. It’s basically a giant pot of boiling red oil with all kinds of meats inside. You order raw things and then put them in to cook.


Here we’re in the library learning about Chinese calligraphy and art. The calligraphy has three kinds. One very neat and easy to read, one very sloppy and quickly written, and the last is in the middle of those two. The art doesn’t have much detail, but instead is supposed to be appreciated as a whole piece.


Time to pose with our student hosts.


We’re eating hot pot here. Since it’s a common occurrence that people will take pictures of us, the response is to take out a phone and take a picture f that Chinese person.


That’s Lin on the left. He’s our main helper on the farm. His English is very good and everyone else’s is pretty much nonexistent.


Some old building from Beijing.


I didn’t do to well with the whole peace sign thing


At the school we played badminton for a few hours and these are all the ones who put up a fight. The Italian guy in the green and I were on the same team most of the time and had quite a long winning streak. We were quite proud to beat Chinese people at badminton, ping pong was a different story.


On our way out of the badminton court we see these people doing a strange tossing back and forth with these rackets and balls. We ask them to teach us. They didn’t know the name in English, but it has something to do with Taichi. You’re supposed to use the motion of the ball and angle the racket so you toss it back and forth in a beautiful flowing motion. Well, the Chinese students did it beautifully, I couldn’t make it look very natural.


They would practice by swinging their arm back and forth while keeping the ball glued to the racket.

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